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About the Calvary Grand Organ

5 Manuals

205 Ranks

11,499 pipes

Built by M.P. Möller, 1986 - 1990

Curators:  Mid-Atlantic Organ Company, Charlotte, NC

One of the few in America full-length 16' en chamade trumpets can be seen in the above photo (the Millennial Trumpets, three ranks at 16, 8 and 4).

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The magnificent pipe organ of Calvary Church is internationally renown as one of “the” organs in history. Built in 1986—1990 by the M.P. Möller Company of Hagerstown, Maryland USA, the Calvary Grand Organ is the thirteenth largest playable organ  in the world, and has a replacement value of over 3 million dollars.

             The purpose and mission of the Calvary Grand Organ is to aid in providing a true worship experience and to help proclaim the message of salvation to all who see, hear, and play it – that the commandment of the scripture will be fulfilled: “Praise Him … with the organ.”

             Carefully planned and designed for the congregation of Calvary Church, the 205 rank organ has 11,499 pipes ranging in size from 40 feet tall to hundreds of tiny pipes smaller than soda straws. Why is the organ so large? First of all, because of the spacious 5,500-seat sanctuary with 2.5 million cubic feet of airspace and excellent acoustics of a reverberation time just less than 3 seconds. Secondly, to fulfill the organ’s multiple ministries: to support strong congregational singing; to sensitively accompany choir and vocalists; to provide a spiritual environment for worship, prayer, communion, commitment; to meet the varied demands of Calvary’s diverse musical styles and literature – from 5th century hymns to Bach and Beethoven to southern gospel to contemporary Christian music; to provide festive music to celebrate weddings and other occasions. By meeting all these needs, the organ automatically becomes a grand concert instrument that can play virtually any composition ever written for the organ.

             To command all the resources of this instrument requires the massive console – five keyboards (manuals) and pedalboard, 306 wooden drawknobs, and around 200 other controls. To the layman, the magnitude of the organ console may resemble the cockpit of an airplane or space shuttle with the array of stops, buttons, dials, lights, foot pedals, knobs, and switches. The Calvary Grand Organ’s handcrafted Honduras mahogany console is one of the largest American-made drawknob consoles.

             This achievement in sound reflects our rich church music heritage, and is a monument of excellence and praise to God: “Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord!” 

The Calvary Grand Organ.
This photo appeared on the cover of the Calvary Grand Organ Dedication Concert program

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 11,499 total pipes

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